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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Regulation

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OSHA's role in the code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910.1030 applies to all persons exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material. The blood borne pathogens standard identifies how to determine who has occupational exposure and how to reduce workplace exposure to blood borne pathogens.

HealthCor's Compliance Program

We can provide all of the aspects your organization needs to comply with this standard.  We can assist you in the development of your exposure control plan, provide the training which is required at the time of initial assignment and at least annually thereafter.

Hepatitis B Vaccination must be made available to all employees who have occupational exposure.  A series of three vaccines are needed to confer immunity.

Post exposure evaluation and follow up to all employees who experience an exposure incident is also required.  This entire process must be made available at no cost to the employee and performed under the supervision of a licensed physician.

HealthCor can come to your facility to provide the vaccinations needed to comply.  We are available to provide post-exposure evaluation and follow-up. Complete record keeping is provided for you in order to insure compliance and is updated periodically by our quality assurance procedures.

Standard Procedure:

  • A blood test should be drawn on each individual for Hepatitis B surface antibodies to determine immunity and previous exposure.
  • If not immune, an individual would begin the series of three vaccines (Enerix-B Hepatitis B Vaccine Recombinat, SmithKline Labs). The series of three vaccinations are given after one month and six months from the elected date of first immunization.
  • After the series of three vaccines another blood test is drawn for a quantitative titer of Hepatitis B surface antibodies to determine if the initial series has been effective in conferring immunity antibodies titers>=10 MIU/ml against Hbsag.
  • If this quantitative result reveals an individual is still not immune, a booster dose of the vaccine is recommended.


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